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Financial Services

Preserve your assets for the next generation by working with us to create a personalized financial plan including retirement and estate planning.  

We provide personalized wealth management services, budgets, and tax planning geared toward preserving assets for high net worth individuals.

Buy / Sell Agreements

R & W offers business valuation services for a variety of situations. A reliable business valuation is a critical component in formulating a deal for the sale or purchase of a business, or to develop a buy-sell agreement.   No matter what the reason, we can interpret your financial data and deliver conclusions that best represent the present state of your business.

Our comprehensive process is based on skillfully applying our years of accounting and tax experience and employing the highest standards in business valuation services. First, we methodically analyze your financial data including tangible and intangible assets. Next, we consider how your industry and other economic factors affect the overall value of your business. Finally, we carefully weigh all this information to calculate the current business value and document our findings in a detailed report.

Estate Planning

Estate planning goes well beyond creating a will. Whether for a business or individual, wealth accumulation and preservation for current and future generations requires proactive estate and trust planning strategies.  R&W can assist with proper estate and trust planning, so you can be confident you will make more, keep more, and eventually leave your beneficiaries with assets with minimum taxation and at maximum ease.

Tax Planning Services

Business owners and individuals rely on our skills and experience to develop proactive tax planning strategies that are designed to minimize tax liabilities.

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